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Eraser Daddy (4ct)


Use Eraser Daddy to spot clean hard surfaces around your home. Great for use on walls, baseboards, railings and door frames.


Sponge Daddy (4ct)


4 pack of dual-sided, multipurpose sponges. The FlexTexture® side gives you scratch-free scrubbing power. On the reverse is absorbent and suds generating ResoFoam®.


Big Daddy


Big Daddy is a solid block of the FlexTexture® foam you know and love. Use him whole for large applications or trim with a serrated knife for a precise shape. Measures 3x3x5″


Scour Daddy (3ct)


Scour Daddy is the stronger, more absorbent scour pad. Texture changing FlexTexture foam inside resists odors and provides structure. ArmorTec mesh on the outside is durable and scratch-free.